At AP CULT we know that two minds are better than one and that together we go further. We work with brilliant creators all over the world who stretch our imaginations and help us see new possibilities. We work with photographers, graphic designers, stylists, non-profit organizations, brand ambassadors, and inspiring people to create our collections, initiatives and editorials. Each person is uniquely gifted and has a vision that inspires us. 


We weight artistic inspiration and social awareness equally. 


Each piece we create is crafted to bring awareness to environmental and social issues. We seek to improve the lives of those in need and those working behind the scenes simply by doing business better. 


We believe that fashion is an extension of self, the way you dress should be a reflection of who you are, and the message you want to send to the world. 

We don’t believe in shopping ‘seasonally’ but shopping for a lifestyle. We are modern nomads and discovering is our preferred way of life. 


Welcome to the CULT. 



founder and creative director

“Cinderella never asked for a prince, she asked for a night off and a dress.”


The woman behind the brand

 Born in Brazil, brewed in New York City, based in Hong Kong, 

and daughter of two architects, Aila Pernambuco grew up surrounded by art, design and fashion. She always believed that clothing should be an extension of self,

and that's when she took matters to heart.

She began studying fashion design in her home country but quickly

 packed her belongings and moved to the Big Apple to pursue her 

bachelor’s degree at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). She

graduated with a diploma in International Trade and Marketing for 

the Fashion Industries and has worked for major global brands such as Burberry and Domenico Vacca. She also applied her skills in the 

production, manufacturing and sourcing fields working for 

international factories in China making garments for brands such as J.Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, GAP and East London.

Here, not only will you find fashion, but collectable pieces made

with passion and character. 

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media designer

When she was five years old in her native country, Brazil, Julia discovered her passion for drawing. One day she transformed her entire playroom into a giant canvas by drawing all over the walls (despite her mother’s efforts to make her use paper instead). Since then Julia has developed her skills and today she attends Savanna College of Art and Design (SCAD) at Hong Kong campus, majoring in Illustration with photography minor. Julia Marinelli is the woman behind AP’s website and illustrations.

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Passionate and curious about lingerie, Vincy started her own lingerie and couture brand seven years ago.  She was involved in the entire process of producing her line-  from material sourcing, paper pattern, to sewing and fitting.  Her brand mainly focuses on well-fitted bridal corsets, lingerie and wedding dresses. She got to know AP by chance and they shared the same interest in the fashion industry.  While Aila is a fashion trend forecaster and a lover of aesthetics, Vincy focus on mastering her perfectionism in sourcing and fitting.


" When you are committed to your career and have been walking alone for years and suddenly you meet a partner coming 1000 km per hour and join forces to work together great things happen, the chemistry and enjoyment of these two workaholics are amazing!  This is a wonderful gift from god “-  Vincy Lee.

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