My name is Robyn Zanine, I was born and raised in South Africa and had moved to Hong Kong at the age of 10. Ive grown up very culturally confused. Not only because of the history of segregation in my country...combined with the tension that this creates in a multiracial family, but also from the culture shock of making the move from South Africa to Hong Kong. A struggle that I've grown to appreciate as it's made me the person I am today. The person I love being. 

Hong Kong was such a strange place to my little 10 year old self. Everything was so different from what I was used to, that it took my brother and I years to embrace the idea that we'll never be going back home to South Africa and this was supposed to be our new "home". 

Fast forward 11 years, almost 12 - and I can't imagine the person I would have been if I had not been brought to Hong Kong. The opportunities and doors that have been opened for me in this city, the lessons I've learnt and the friends that I've met along this rollercoaster ride of "life in Hong Kong" has truly inspired me. I now wholeheartedly can say that Hong Kong has become my new "home". This strange place with all its hustle and bustle, dim sum and great people has become my comfort.

As a third-culture kid, with all the ups and downs that I've experienced, I can honestly say, as confusing as it might have been at times, I am so grateful to have grown up around so many cultures here in this beautiful city.