Meet Michelle, this half Native American half African American beauty, who is here to tell you a bit of her story and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

"As a Native American, I learned at a young age the true meaning behind a lot of genocide holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Columbus day. It's very hard sometimes to appreciate 'fantasied history'. A 2015 paper by Roxanne Dunbar- Ortiz, author of  'An indigenous Peoples' history of the United States', estimated that the population of indigenous people was decimated by 90% in the Americas, from 100 millions to 10 millions, throughout the 16th century. Naturally, Thanksgiving reminds us to give thanks we are it's due. As we are taught in my culture, you give thanks to the creator everyday, for health and protection and for your family as well. But more or less; thanksgiving or not, I'd like to give thanks to everyone who has helped me grow with love and patience. 

Moving abroad isn't easy, no matter what age you are. But for me it wasn't leaving behind my country but more my family and culture. I am mixed, Native American and African American, with a huge family; seven siblings! I am the second youngest, so thankfully I am pretty much set when it comes to role models. Growing up, thanksgiving was always one of my favourite holidays, due to seeing my family and then latter going into a food coma. But for many families, including mine, that is all that thanksgiving is, a time to visit and feast, and of course watch football."