Lulu is an Actor and a creative, feeling at home both behind or in front of the camera. 

Hong Kong born and bred, she studied Film and Media in Edinburgh, but found herself spending more time touring with a theatre company than in class. This passion eventually built enough momentum for her to pursue a career as an Actor in New York. Over the past eight years, her journey has opened doors to roles on stage and screen as well as Producing, Directing, Art Directing and Creating Content for leading cosmetic, fashion and luxury brands.

She loves the creative process and collaborating with people who are equally as passionate about what they do. "The Healing Statement collection is bold, empowering and invites transformation. As an artist, you are constantly up against your own creative demons. Wearing the Agate stone absolutely helps center me."

As an Actor, Lulu recognizes the power an outfit or accessory can have on ones outlook, and the way you carry yourself. She believes what you choose to wear is a direct reflection and expression of where you are at on that day or in that moment. "There are a select few accessories that help me get the creative juices flowing when developing a character, and the right hat is one of them. True to its design inspiration, this elegantly tasseled beauty immediately  invokes a sense of Wanderlust." 

When not on camera or creating content, you will likely find Lulu listening to podcasts while experimenting in the kitchen, on her yoga mat or getting her fill of nature.

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