It was 8 years ago when Brie Bobalek moved to the bright lights big city known as NYC. She grew up in Midland, a small city in the state of Michigan and it was there at the young age of 7 when she knew one day she was going to tackle the densely populated vivacious borough of NYC, Manhattan.  


With over 20 years of intensive dance training and a background in fashion merchandise, Brie's love for art and fashion is easily recognized, and creativity is something that naturally circulates in her blood. 


During her first few years living in NY, Brie worked as a stylist/ stylist assistant on several different projects such as NYFW, small independent films, commercials, and an abundance of different magazine editorials. However, over the last 5 years, she found herself working for a company she greatly appreciated but was not overly passionate about.  Her life was removed from fashion and her stimulation for creativity was put on pause. She admittedly fell into a trap where work took over and her creativity became abandoned in the process. 


After recently catching up with Brie she filled us in on the exciting new chapter that is currently brewing in her life. She has begun to realigning her focus and connect back into her creative light. Brie along with her close friend and business partner Natasha Pendergrass are coming together, playing on their strengths and working on building a crafting and stationery business. If you're the type of person who fancies personalized cards, decorative papers, party invitations and many more crafty scrappy goodies, then please make sure to keep an eye out for them! Good things are coming and they're both super excited about it.