Bertha Chan is an eating disorder survivor, a body positivity activist, a TED speaker and the founder of, a plus size lifestyle community. Living as a plus size woman, especially in Hong Kong, can feel very challenging in many aspects in life. Be it finding fashion, dating while being fat or learning to build confidence in one self. 

With all that in mind, Bertha started writing about plus size fashion resources for curvy women in Asia, as well as articles and videos to raise awareness about body confidence, body positivity and fat acceptance, which are stems of feminist issues that are rarely discussed. Bertha is one of the faces of AP's stories series featuring strong and inspiring humans from all over the world. 

Earlier this year, Bertha had a breast reduction due to her chronicle back pain from having large breasts, this explains the scars showed in some of her pictures. 

Having a positive mindset about her own body image, she has embraced everything about her curves which manifests  great self- love.